Shopping Development in West Melton

When I first began working in the West Melton market, our patchy cell phone coverage was seen as a major issue. There is no doubt in my mind that, for some prospective buyers, this barrier was simply insurmountable.

Although not as challenging, the current shortage of shopping, dining and service options in West Melton has been a factor that prospective purchasers have had to come to terms with. For those that value the ability to call into the local store for supplies, to wander down to a café for their Sunday morning coffee and cake, or to call on their local GP, the lack of options has been a drawback.

So – will the opening of a local shopping centre have a positive impact on property values? The change may not be immediate, but in my opinion is inevitable. From what we know, the businesses opening in West Melton will bring diversity and convenience to our community. If this development results in increased buyer enthusiasm for the area, this enthusiasm will create greater buyer activity and competition – and where there is competition, prices go up.

Recent weeks have seen the team at Ray White Town & Lifestyle working with a number of out of town buyers who are relocating to Canterbury. The feedback concerning West Melton has been very positive – in particular buyers have been impressed by the wide open spaces and the diversity and quality of homes in the area. Combined with our proximity to Christchurch and the developing shopping centre, West Melton is undoubtedly becoming a real option for an increasing number of people.

Posted by Melanie Elliott