Selling Your Home During Winter

It is around this time of the year that people start thinking it might be a better idea to hold off selling their home until Spring – and who can blame them?

Trees are dropping their leaves, gardens often look far from their best and who wants to vacate their warm, cosy home each weekend for open homes?

I would.

While not everyone has the luxury of being able to choose when to sell their home, those who do should not dismiss the benefits of selling in winter – key of which is less competition.

Waiting for Spring may well mean that the garden is gorgeous and that your home can be presented in its best light, however the same will be true for everyone else who is taking this path, and competition will be much stronger. Consider making the most of reduced listings during the winter months – buyers who need a new home won’t wait until Spring and at this time of year their shopping list will be much shorter.

Presentation is crucial at any time of year, but there are a few special things you can do during the colder months. Light the fire, have the heaters going, do some baking prior to the open home and just imagine the contrast buyers will experience when they step in from the cold!

Make your home so cosy that on a cold winters day buyers don’t want to leave – and maybe they won’t!

Posted by Melanie Elliott